doll ieviņa & jancis

Doll size: 34 cm, Weight 500 g. Package: cardboard box with transparent PVC cover (360 x 250 x 80 mm / height x width x depth).

IEVIŅA doll is dear, moving and a little mischievous. Cheerful about the world, she watches closely with her starlit eyes, and her little braids can be seen everywhere, where there is something important happening. IEVIŅA also has a friend – a puppet boy JANCIS.

IEVIŅA cannot remain still for a moment; she loves dancing, swinging her legs under the table in her traditional sole leather shoes "pastalas" and wonder about the plenty admirable things in life.

IEVIŅA is made of natural, long-lasting materials like linen, wool and linseed. The dolls’ clothes and shoes are absolutely authentic and functional. As IEVIŅA loves to be dressed in a traditional folk costume, a variety of more than 20 styles and variations of ethnic costumes of Latvian regions are available for her wardrobe!
IEVIŅA likes to sit on a bookshelf and show off herself and her dresses, but, most of all, she longs for a little, loving mommy to share with in her joys and sorrows, a mommy, whom she could accompany on her daily activities and fall asleep with in the evening. The little mother may pull and bear IEVIŅA by her braids, caress, press, and crumple her, and even cry into her when sorrow takes over. The doll can be washed according to the instructions provided with the package.