Laimdota doll is small, lovely and very moving. Already in a box she anxiously moves her frolicsome legs covered with wooden shoes – like waiting a chance to get dancing! The Latvian given name LAIMDOTA is from 19th century, which steams from Laima, goddess of fortune and dot "to give" with the meaning giving the happiness or blessing.

Our LAIMDOTA brings happiness and joy to everyone and everywhere, wherever appearing. Doll is dressed in a slightly simplified Latvian traditional folk clothes - linen shirt with real amber ouch, wool or linen skirts and head adorned by a gourgeous summer’s flower wreath. LAIMDOTA always smiles to the world, it's nice to hold her in your hands and caress as she is made only from natural materials and stuffed with wool and a flax seed.

Doll size: 19 cm, weight 260 g. Packaging: transparent PVC cardboard box (210 x 150 x 50 mm). On the back of the box there is doll description in Latvian, English and Russian. Each doll is given a serial number, an author's signature and a mark on the Latvian map, from where the national costume came.

Your ordered doll may be slightly different from the one shown here, because every LAIMDOTA is unique - as all hand-made things.. If you have special wishes or questions, please write us - we will definitely answer!