BAIBA doll was born in the independent Latvia and proudly wears an entirely authentic traditional costume of either the Kurzeme, Vidzeme, Zemgale, Latgale, Augšzeme regions of Latvia. BAIBA is a valuable souvenir of Latvia, representing a particular belonging to one of its regions. BAIBA’s traditional folk costume is fully functional and wearable; hence, the doll is not only an interior decor, but also a learning tool and source of inspiration for upbringing of the new generations and education about Latvia. Our BAIBA dolls can already be found in many parts of the world, serving as reminders of the beauty of Latvia, Latvian girls’ diligence and virtue, and traditions and festivities in Latvian folklore. As you hold BAIBA in your hands, you will feel awe and respect for the great, painstaking work invested, and the values it represents.

Doll height: 34 cm, light hair, blue eyes, weight packed ~ 1200 g. Materials and technologies: a vinyl doll dressed in authentic folk costume.
Package: oak base/stand with a plate by computer gravity with a doll logo and a district name, transparent PVC case (380 x 200 x 150 / height x width x depth). Packaging and presentation make a lot of variations in our country, a specific region, city or business representation, using customer's visual identities elements.