Doll SPĪDOLA is a confident Latvian girl with a beautiful name, which was first mentioned in Andrejs Pumpurs 19th century national epos "Lāčplēsis" about a hero with superhuman force who was chosen by the gods to become a hero of his people and guard his mother land. SPĪDOLA (meaning “the one who shines brightly”) symbolizes Latvian woman's ability to be strong, independent, creative and bright despite burdens that can be brought up by life. Stately posture, sparkling eyes and long braids are illuminous parts of SPĪDOLA’S image.

Our doll SPĪDOLA is dressed in a simplified Latvian folk costume, all made of natural materials. She honorably represents a beauty of Latvian districts both in our country, as well as in the wide world.

Doll size: 19 cm, weight 260 g. Packaging: transparent PVC cardboard box (200 x 140 x 110 mm). On the back of the box there is a doll description in Latvian, English and Russian. Each doll is given a serial number, an author's signature and a mark on the Latvian map, from where the national costume came.

Your ordered doll may be slightly different from the one shown here, because every SPĪDOLA is unique - as all hand-made things. If you have special wishes or questions, please write us - we will definitely answer!