Latvian ethnography, color palette and sense of beauty formed during thousands of years, traditionally used natural materials are an inexhaustible source of inspiration for our work.

We are a company that in 2012 has renewed an old dream of every Latvian girl – a doll with beautiful old Latvian name BAIBA, which in the last century was produced at the factory STRAUME. Our BAIBA has born in free Latvia and each doll with dignity wears an authentic traditional costume that has been created by loving hands of more than ten our eminent masters of craft.

During several years of our work BAIBA joined a bunch of children's beloved dolls IEVIŅA, JANCIS, AIJA and AIJA ŽŪŽA as well as a smaller souvenir dolls LIENE, LAIMDOTA and SPĪDOLA. Each of our dolls is made with love by skillful artist’s hands, using environmentally friendly natural materials.

Our work has been highly appreciated, and in 2012 we received the Design Award of the Year. In 2013 our BAIBAS showed themselves at the exhibition devoted to XXV Latvian Song and XV Dance Festival in the "Gallery Center". Our partners include corporation "LAIMA", for which favorite chocolate candy set "CLASSICS" we created a wonderful companion dolls - Serenade, Red Poppies, Squirrel and Truffles.

Manufacture of Latvian ethnographic dolls in the company LATVJU LIETAS. Scene in the LNT program "Successful Businessman" 2015.08.30.  

LAIMDOTA and IEVINA dolls enchant the Chinese. The most widespread publicity in the history of our past - this Tianjin TV broadcast has watched around 30,000,000 Chinese worldwide. 2015.06.03.

The dolls exhibition in the National Costume Center SENĀ KLĒTS - 2013.10.26.